The Drymian Codex
Priority: High Expected: Summer 2012
The Drymian Codex was begun by me and Random_Taffer as an entry in Brethren's Thief Reloaded Contest II early in 2012, and we quickly added Tannar to the team to help us develop the story and also as the chief writer. The story came together quickly, but our re-architecting of the early T1 fan mission The Monastery of St. Fera by Goit took a lot longer than planned - mostly because Rob and I went crazy with the additions - and so we missed the contest deadline. But we're going to continue working hard on it until it's released, before we return our focus to Death's Cold Embrace.

The mission will feature AI and objects from my Hammerite Mission Development Kit, as well as a dozen or so other new AI and plenty of other new and custom stuff.


The story involves Garrett returning to St. Fera to acquire an artifact or two, as well as some loot, to once again pay the rent - except he stumbles upon something brewing within the monastery walls which he never saw coming. Besides the original monastery, there is also now a vast sewer complex, sprawling crypt and an ancient temple to explore, all while unraveling a dramatic storyline full of rich characters and surprising twists.
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