The Idol (tentative title)
Priority: Low Expected: Unknown
Like Dance With The Dead, The Idol began as a little speedbuilding demo for blowing up zombies with some new weapons I made with help from Targa and Nameless Voice (the frag grenades that wound up in What Lies Below), but soon grew into a full-sized crypt crawler. The idea is to delve deep into a Hammer crypt to retrieve a mysterious golden idol said to be nearly priceless. Later, I decided to expand it into a three mission campaign using an abandoned Hammer mission by John D. (in truth, the sequel to Quick Cash) for the first and third missions, with the original Idol mission in between. It will feature Undercover-style gameplay, plenty of undead and a story full of interesting characters and surprising twists and turns.

Mission 1: You disguise yourself as a Hammerite and infiltrate the compound where the crypt containing the idol is supposed to be located.
Mission 2: You make the long descent into the crypt, and learn more about the idol and why it was buried so deeply underground by the Hammers.
Mission 3: Emerging from the crypt with the idol, you have to escape the Hammer compound with your life and your sanity intact - but now that you know the idol's secret, you know it won't be easy.
Downloads: When Available... Screenshots coming soon...