Death's Cold Embrace
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Death's Cold Embrace was begun as a simple attempt to complete an amazing abandoned mansion mission by Polygon, originally titled Cold Reception in 2002. When Polygon liked my story for it so much that he went ahead and made a follow-on mission before I finished the first one, we decided to make it a 2-mission campaign. Then, he went and made some more amazing architecture for a prologue and epilogue, so it grew into a 4-mission behemoth, with a tragic story and Shakespearean undertones. With Moghedian's invaluable help, Poly and I strung together an overarching story and plan for the campaign, but work stagnated during 2005 and 2006 as we were all busy with other projects.

In the spring of 2007, Moghedian and I were finally ready to pick up work on it again, but Polygon had disappeared and we were unable to contact him. So we enlisted the help of Peter Smith, a master with story and gameplay design, to help us refine the story and get the thing completed. In March 2008, Moghedian, Peter Smith and I completed the overall plan for the project, and ambitious is an understatement... as it stands, the story spans fifteen scenes across two acts, comprised of nine missions! Good thing most of the building work has been done for years, so the bulk of what we have to do is script cutscenes and objectives - in other words, the fun part! The finished product should hopefully prove worth the 6-year wait.


The story begins with Garrett getting hired by a Lord Fairbanks for what should be the simple job of breaking into the estate of a Lord Highwater, but instead he gets drawn into the middle of the long-standing feud between the two families, just as fate intervenes with tragic circumstances. The deeper Garrett delves into the events at hand, the more things spiral uncontrollably towards the dramatic conclusion.
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Screenshots: Dayport, including Fairbanks Manor
Screenshots: Highwater Estate
Screenshots: Hammerite Church and Cemetery