Released: Sep 2006
What Lies Below was created for Komag's Water Contest during the summer of 2006. It features a storyline that ties into both Thief 1 and Thief 3, taking place in the sewers under the Old Quarter and the Haunted Cathedral. It reveals details surrounding the original cataclysm which lead to the undead overrun of the area, as well as the involvement of the Keepers in that event. It has the player trying to get to the Haunted Cathedral's crypt via the sewers (as Hammers battle undead in the streets above) to allow a party of Hammers through to battle the undead from underneath the Cathedral, seeking to destroy an artifact known as The Necronymus and reclaim the Cathedral for the Order. I was most humbled that this mission won the contest, especially considering how strong the missions were overall.
Downloads: What Lies Below