The Olde Castle
Abandoned: Jan 2008
This really began as an attempt to see how much architectural detail I could pack into a castle. I pushed Dromed past its limits and as a result ended up making many compromises just to be able to give this up in a state in which you can even walk around without crashing Dromed. The lone AIs in the mission are two spectral guardians which demonstrate the stealthy AI system which Nameless Voice and Telliamed helped me develop for this mission, using VKs script module (included).

There are numerous places where the view will exceed the max polys, mostly from standing near the outer wall and looking back to the central Keep. If you seriously plan to use this mission, you need to complete the building and address all those issues. I had ladders going to the top of every tower which I removed because the views from up there brought Dromed to a screeching halt. The included readme gives details about my plans for the story and gameplay, but you're free of course to make up your own.
Downloads: The Olde Castle (abandoned) Readme