Murder Most Foul
Abandoned: Jan 2008
This was to my entry in the SSR Contest, but I dropped doing it for the contest for several reasons. TheNightTerror tried to help me get it done later that year (2006) but we both lost interest, and so here it is. It's a very small town (due to the contest's size restriction), but has (or had planned) a city hall, police station, hotel, apartment building, and a few businesses. There are no custom resources since that was also a contest restriction.

The story I had planned involved Garrett waking up to find the city on lockdown due to the mayor's murder, and getting a strange note passed under his door, penned by the supposed murderer, who also died in the struggle. He asks Garrett to dig more deeply into the previous night's events and learn the truth, and clear his name. Feel free to run with the story or just borrow the architecture and supply your own.
Downloads: Murder Most Foul (abandoned) Readme