Archers Without Arrows

In this tutorial, you will make an archer with a quiverfull of arrows which, when stolen, will force the archer to disregard his bow and attempt to murder the player in hand-to-hand combat.
Please note that this tutorial was written from Thief 1, and I haven't tested this in Thief 2.

First of all, we need to create a new Act/React Stimuli (You could use an already existing stimuli with a specific intensity, but for this tutorial we'll create a new one.)
Open the object heirarchy, select Act/React Stimuli from the pull-down menu, click 'Add' and type in 'QuiverStim'. Save and set the gamesys, then save and reload the mission. (For more information, see: Using a custom gamesys.)
You also need to have a FrobStim system set up.

Now, we are going to make a new metaproperty. Go to the Metaproperties section in the object heirarchy, and create a new metaproperty called 'M-SwordAI'. Give this new metaproperty an AI->AI Core->AI of 'Human with sword', and a Motions->Actor Tag List of 'WithSword 0'.
AIs with this metaproperty will act like sword guards.

We also have to give all our archers a receptron for QuiverStim, intensity 9 to 11, Add Metaproperty, Me, M-SwordAI.
That way, whenever the AI gets hit by a QuiverStim (intensity 10), he will give up on his bow and attack hand-to-hand.

Now we need to make the quiver and it's arrows. First, we need to create a new archetype under Broadhead (-127), called 'QuiverArrow'.
Set the Render->RenderType property to 'Not Rendererd', the Physics->Controls to 'Location, Rotation', the Engine Features->Stack Count to 10, and add 'script' to the world action of Engine Features->FrobInfo.
Finally, add a 'Frob In World' source for FrobStim (so that when the player frobs it the stim will bounce back) and a FrobStim receptron to set the RenderType property of the current object to that of any object that has Renderer-> RenderType set to Normal. (If there isn't one, make one).
Next, we will make the quiver's archetype, this time under Equipment (-1698). This object is fairly simple, it only needs a Shape->Model Name of 'Quiver2', an Inventory->Max Pick Distance of '3.50', and an Engine Features->FrobInfo of 'Script; [None]; [None]'.
Now, create an archer, a QuiverArrow, and a Quiver. Put the QuiverArrow on the archer's belt using a Contains link, and also give the archer a Weapon link to TinyClaw (-4426).
Give the Quiver a FrobProxy link to the QuiverArrow.
Now, add the Render->Mesh Attach property to the archer, and configure it as follows:

Attached Obj 1: [Oject number of Quiver]
Joint Of Skeleton: 9
X Angle (0-65535): 0
YAngle (0-65535): 5000
Z Angle (0-65535): 16383
Offset X: -0.50 Y: -0.20 Z: -1.00

Now, there remains only one thing to do, and that is to give the QuiverArrow an Act/React Receptron for FrobStim, to Stimulate the archer with an intensity 10 QuiverStim.
The archer should now attack you in hand-to-hand combat when you steal his quiver.

In my earlier experiments with this system, stealing the quiver of a dead or unconcious AI had extremely peculiar effects, but when I tried this system at a later date, the problems dissapeared of their own accord and with no apparent reason.

DromEd will be DromEd.

Finally, although I haven't tried this in Thief II, you could probably remove the Quiver object and merely place the QuiverArrow in the archer's quiver using a Contains link.