How to set up BarredDoors
Thief II only

How many times have you played a mission and been spotted through a BarredDoor even though you were crawling around under the window?

Setting up these doors to work realisticly is the work of a few seconds.
First, create your BarredDoor (-3121) and open it's Door->Rotating, then set the Blocks Vision flag to True.
If you reportalise the mission, you will notice that a thin black 'blockable' brush is now blocking your vision, even through the bars.
To fix this, change the object's Physics->Model->Dimensions, to:

  X Y Z

Now, the AIs will only see you through the upper part of the door.
For some reason, they can't see you when you're standing right up next to the door, only if you are a little bit away from it, but it's already a major improvement over the way things are normally.

Strangely enough, the AIs only seem to see through those portions of the model which have holes (that is, the holes between the bars), and not those portions of the model that are just outside the 'blockable' area.
Because of this, it seems you can't use this method on doors with glass windows in them.